If its government is immoral, can America be good?

The current occupant of the Oval Office seems to have a serious issue with issues of right and wrong, particularly when it has to do with the restraints of the Constitution.  The most glaring exhibits are of matters involving illegal Mexicans immigrants being forced to enter the country as other immigrants have done for generations, his attempts to place homosexual unions on par with that of heterosexual unions, and blatantly blurring the traditional lines of ethnicity and morality.

Ever since being placed as president of the United States he has done everything as he promised days before his election, “to fundamentally change America”.  He is doing all that he can to ignore and subjugate longstanding Constitutional principles of conduct. In particular his dealing with the law-making branch of government, the Congress, and his manipulative use of the regulatory powers of the Executive Branch. One of my favorite quotes is from Alexis de Tocqueville when he said of America’s moral standing, “America is great because America is good. If America ever ceases to be good it will cease to be great.’  Is this how he looks to forever alter America, to dismantle its core?  First, he entered the office by being a complete enigma, an unknown entity, speaking words that triggered emotional responses at a time that the American people thirsted for hope for better a future and change from the perceived failings for past.  He’s like an unattractive gal who gives the last guy in the bar, who’s really emotionally distressed and depressed, a minute before it closes, some great tantalizing conversation and attention, saying all of the right things. The guy figures why not her?  But, now it’s the morning after and the guy is feeling like he was been taken advantage of because he has a house full of strangers, the locks on the doors have been changed, and his family jewels are nowhere to be seen.

Mr. Obama came into office promising to be the most transparent Administration ever, the most ethical, and would unite not just of the government, but the people.  Regarding his Administration being transparent, he has sealed all of his personal college transcripts and questions dealing with his actual birth certificate, and his past in general, still linger. I remind you that this isn’t someone who bounces a ball or entertains, but the President of the United States who has a unknown past to most Americans.  This Administration has been involved in one the most massive cover-ups since the Nixon break in with its involvement in the Fast and Furious covert gun-running program that ended up getting Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, age 40, killed by Mexican drug-smugglers during a gunfight.  Incredibly, as reported by  Forbes 9/28/11 report, the deadly gun battle started with USBP shooting bean bags at the smugglers shooting with AK-47s.  Talk about bringing a knife to a gun fight.  Is it just me, or there something seriously wrong with our side’s rules of engagement when it comes to fighting Mexican bad guys at the U.S border?  I’m just asking.  The Administration’s Justice Department hasn’t yet come clean with the details of the covert operation run-a-muck, which led to for the first time ever a sitting U.S  Attorney General, Eric Holder, being held in contempt of the Congress.  The Administration effectively blocked for the AG by inexplicably invoking Executive Privilege so we the people may never know the truth of this horrific debacle.  What makes this offense so astounding is the fact that this may have all been done to manipulate the people into granting for the passage of more gun restrictions on legitimate gun sellers and dealers when massive amounts of guns used in gang and gun violence could be traced back to American guns stores.

Other examples of questionable ethical and moral actions have to do with this Administration’s unwillingness to abide by the traditional protocols and restraints applied by the Constitution when he unilaterally chooses to either ignore established law and or just creates its own regulatory policies, that in essence becomes law.  Thereby he totally ignores the fact that it is the Legislative, not the Executive, Branch that is empowered to make law and thus obliterating all pretenses of traditional Constitutional Checks and Balances.  Just a few examples; President Obama told the Justice Department to stop defending the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act, that allowed states to refuse to recognize same-sex partnerships legally recognized in other states. This was enacted not through any process through the Congress or the courts, but just because Mr. O didn’t think that it was constitutional.  Mr. Obama also is the first sitting U.S. president to outright endorse equal marriage rights for gay couples and to dismantle the military’s longstanding ban on service by gays and lesbians, “don’t ask, don’t tell”. The law that allowed gays to serve so long as they simply keep their sexuality a secret. Both laws have been around since the Clinton Administration.

Also Obama’s Administration decided with the stroke of the pen to tell Immigration & Customs Enforcement Agency[ICE], via the Homeland Security Department, to no longer enforce immigration violations by illegal immigrants, particularly those from Mexico and Latin America. The Executive Order allows anyone who was brought to this country prior to age 16 and who is under the age of 30 not to have to face deportation. In addition, they must have lived here for 5 years, obtained a high school diploma, and/or served in the military. Lastly, they could not have a criminal record.  But according to a FOX News report of 7/27/12, the ICE Union President Chris Crane claims that illegal immigrants are “taking advantage” of a new directive allowing some undocumented residents who came to the U.S. as children to stay in the country. The policy ends up allowing illegal immigrants to avoid detention without any proof — particularly so-called “dreamers,” or those illegal immigrants who would benefit under the “DREAM Act” proposal, which Congress has not passed but the administration  has partially implemented. And this is on top of a quietly imposed Administration Directive, as reported by the Daily Caller on 6/20/11, to top ICE officials that they need not enforce immigration laws if illegal immigrants are enrolled in an education center or if their relatives have volunteered for the US military.  Really?!  What about the Black and White poor and middle class Americans who are already unemployed and or under-employed?

So as Mr. Obama methodically pits homo-sexual Americans against hetero-sexual Americans, illegal immigrants against legal citizens, and rich American against poor American supposedly for the benefit of the “little guy” and in the name of “fairness”.  But, he does this mostly not within the traditional restraints and protocols of the Constitution, to which he supposedly swore an oath to, or with apparent and recognizable motives, but with a simple stroke of his pen and an unseen hand he makes the law-biding citizen question the very purpose of law if the head of the government shows such apparent disrespect and distain for it. Maybe Mr. O is following the teachings of one of his idols, Saul Alinsky, early 1900’s Chicago “community organizer”. He spoke of there being one single principle, which is to take power from the haves and give to the have-nots, to which he coined, political nihilism– to assault of the established order in the name of the “people”

The question that needs to be asked of this Administration, and all others, is what laws is law?  The ones that just are or just ones that you agree with?  What is the truth?  That which just is or that which it says it is?  And if the government is allowed to fudge the line of what is law and truth so blatantly who are the people to rely on for justice and truth?  If it is the people who decides who is to govern and represent us, and the government is immoral and unethical, not good, can the moral integrity of the nation and goodness of the people be without question?  Though too many of us want to take to the streets when a leader of a sports team or institution acts immorally or unethically, but let the president of the United States attempt to redefined what is is and be disbarred for ling to a Grand Jury, or have one cost millions in dollar and thousands in the lives of American sons and daughters in invading two sovereign nations for presumably “weapons of mass destruction” and retaliation for attacking the U.S on September 11, 2001, or maybe have one to pretend to be something or someone that he’s not, that’s acceptable.  Really?  Remember, we have the government, we have the nation, which we chose to have.

Rubio Is The Republican Obama

With the recent endorsement of Fla. Senator Marco Rubio by the National TEA Party to be the possible running mate for the Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney  I feel like I’m watching a bad b-rated TV series’ second season.  In the first season the supposed villain does an unforgivable act that increases his villain credibility.  But, now the second season is previewing a supposed hero who presents basically the same unforgivable disposition that made the villainous character in the previous season the villain, yet he is the one to save the day so everyone is acting like the 3 monkeys – hear no evil,see no evil , and by all means speak no evil.

The main issue regarding Mr. Obama, that of many, that has dogged him since taking the seat of U.S president is not whether or not he was or was not born in Hawaii truly, but whether or not both of his parents were themselves U.S Citizens; therefore qualifying or dis-qualifying him to be president, constitutionally that is.  Though there is no doubt of Obama’s mother’s national status of being American, the same most certainly cannot be said of his paternal father.  It is greatly believed that Obama, Sr. was either a British Citizen, by Kenya before it gained its independence; but definitely not a citizen of the United States.  This is why the issue of Junior’s Birth Certificate has been such an critical persistent 4 yearlong issue of major importance.  It’s not just a question of Constitutional integrity, but one of principle and honesty at our nation’s highest levels.

But here comes the Establishment Media’s pick for the Republican savior as number two man on the presidential ticket, Marco Rubio.  But if the Republican Party hopes to show themselves as the party of integrity it will look in another direction.  Because according to WND.com’s May 22, 2011 issues, Now popular Republicans ‘not natural-born citizens‘, like Mr. Obama, both of his parents were not U.S Citizens at the time of his birth neither.  But too, like with Obama, neither the Media nor any one of the elite political complex seem to be overtly disturb by the fact.  Or maybe they are waiting for Rubio to become officially the V.P to be, maybe.

Like in the case of Obama’s birth, it is not like no one was there when he was born.  There was the doctor, or hospital employee, and the mother.  The information is out there.  It’s just that for some inexplicable reason both the Establishment Media and the elite political complex seem to be jointly complicity derelict regarding the crucial matter of these two presidential candidate’s qualifications, being a  Constitutionally mandated “natural-born citizens”, of not just Obama, but Rubio, as well as another potential V.P candidate Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jinda who too was born onto non-U.S citizen parents.  Regarding Marco Rubio, according to WND,  has not released his birth certificate for view by the public, and  what is even more incredible his press secretary Alex Burgos has already admitted that the senator’s parents “were permanent legal residents of the U.S.” at the time Marco was born in 1971, not naturalized citizens of the U.S. His parents didn’t become naturalized U.S. citizens until four years later.  Mr. Jindal’s press secretary Kyle Plotkin too has publically admitted “that both of his parents were permanent legal residents and not naturalized U.S citizens at the time of his birth”.

There is a clear distinction between a natural-born citizen, one who is born of two U.S Citizen, and a naturalized citizen, one who is granted citizenship by the government of the United States by fulfilling a requirement, such as being born on U.S soil or by passing a test for citizenship. It is largely understood by Constitutionalist that the Founders never intended for someone of possible dual allegiances to a foreign power to become the President of the United States.  Doesn’t that make sense?

The Founders being such learned Biblical individuals it should come as no surprise that Deuteronomy 17:15 speaks of choosing a leader, “you shall surely set a king over you …, one from among your countrymen you shall set as king over yourselves; you may not put a foreigner over yourselves who is not your countryman.”  Mr. Obama’s actions regarding America’s world standing and position has been unprecedented for a U.S president, in an extraordinary bizarre way.  His actions may be understood better if viewed from a position of someone with confused or conflicting loyalty regarding a nation that he boastfully promised to “fundamentally transform”.  He has acted with indifference to longstanding allies, such as Israel and Britain, and has acted vindictively towards nations that didn’t present any threat to America, such as, Egypt and Libya, while literally and figuratively bowing to traditional enemies and entities who act in opposition to American interests, such as Communist China, Russia, Venezuela, Hamas, via the Muslim Brotherhood, and Iran. And I didn’t even include what extremely destructive economic and social actions he has taken domestically, such as immediately piling trillions of debt on the citizens of the United States, via Obamacare, financial reform act, his antagonistic posture with States regarding oil and gas exploration and development, the invasion of illegal immigration of Mexicans, and traditional American religious view on homosexuality.

Given that we have viewed this presentation with stunned amazement to the fact that this is actually happening and are now looking forward to the end of this grueling 4 yearlong series, do we look forward to a possible recasting of a similar plot this time with someone with possible dual allegiances only centimeters from the presidential seat? Are we not a nation of laws? And if we the people choose to allow exceptions at the highest levels of our government to the most fundamental tenants of our laws, are we not placing ourselves and posterity on a slippery slope toward tyranny and anarchy? The choice is ours to whether or not do an unforgivable act, to settle for a rerun.

Obamanation Is Setting The Stage For Another Orchestrated Election

As I witness this year’s presidential election process I can’t help getting the feeling that I have seen this pattern regarding Mr. Obama before.  And I do fear greatly for the future of this nation.  Obama is the political version of Moses as unknown forces part the political Red Sea to allow him to reach his objectives unscathed.  The extraordinary lack of critical examination and investigation of this man either by the so-called opposition party, the Republican Party, or by what are supposed to be the people’s gatekeepers, the Establishment Media is only seconded by the lack of demand of it from the American people.

But this theater performance has been played out with Obama before.  From the start of his political career when he was elected to the Illinois Legislature the first time virtually by the elimination of his Democratic opposition due to supposedly not achieving the required number of petition signatures.  That left him running against two very light-weight opponents,   David Whitehead, the Harold Washington Party candidate, 61-year- homebuilder, real estate broker and salesman who had lost 3 previous election, and Rosette Caldwell Peyton, the Republican Party candidate, 67-year-old first-time candidate who was a teacher at Kozminski Community Academy during the lowest voter turnout in history.  He was then re-elected running again unopposed in his party and facing another newcomer Republican opponent, Yesse Ben Yehudah, 50-year-old founder and executive director of F.O.R.U.M (Fulfilling Our Responsibilities Unto Mankind).

He was re-elected for a 3rd time, this time unopposed in both his party or from the Republican Party.  He did have a hiccup when he lost his 2000 Democratic U.S House primary battle against four-term incumbent U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush.  Lighting did strike yet again for Obama when he defeated seven other minor Democrats and then defeated not Jack Ryan who won the Republican primary, due to the fact that he had to unexpectedly withdraw from the race under some suspicious circumstances, but former Diplomat Alan Keyes who was chosen by the Illinois Republican State Central Committee at the very last-minute to become the U.S Senator from Illinois.   And then without completing one term in the U.S Senate he most ambitiously targeted to become the President of the United States.  Now doesn’t every congressman and senator want to do that after only being in their seat for a year?  Being a literal unknown to the American people, he defeated the greatly favored and powerful Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Primary.  He then faced moderate Republican Arizona Senator John McCain, a man who though caused another moderate former Mass. Governor Mitt Romney to inexplicably quit early during the primary, did not have the support of the majority of his party nor was he truly engaged to attack Obama’s weaknesses – his severe lack of any experience in Congress or being executive, never work in the private sector, his time at Harvard and Occidental where in his book “the Dreams of My Father”  he found comfort with Marxist ideology and he expressly refers to “Frank” Marshall Davis, a devoted communist, who was his childhood mentor, to win.  Not to mention that Mr. Obama was the first truly African- American presidential candidate to reach the General Election process in the age of hyper race guilt and political correctness, and the liberal Establishment Media made attacking him even more problematic.  So McCain lost – Big!

To put Mr. Obama’s communist relationship issue into perspective, if you were to do a web search for President Ronald Reagan + Communism you get about 9 million results.  But if you search for Barack Obama + Communism you would get over 23 million results. The stark difference in the two is that Reagan results have to do with him defeating Communism, Obama’s is about him being a communist.  It is not as though some American people are most interested in this man who seats in the most powerful position in the world.  It is just that seemingly the elite of the media and major politicial parties are working overtime to make him and his past the most under-reported issue in history.  To this point, only Alan Keyes has dared to openly call Mr. Obama on his Marxist card head to head when he referred to him as “hard-core academic Marxist” during his run against him for the Ill. Senate seat.  I don’t believe that any person with such blatant Communist/Marxist affiliations could ever gotten through their party’s vetting, let a lone the media’s scrutiny, as recent as the 1980’s when the words socialist and communist were still four letter words to many Americans.  But yet, here we are in 2012 faced with actually re-electing such a man.  I believe that you would be hard pressed to name a highly popular entertainer or athlete whose background the majority of Americans knows or that has been reported on less the man who sits as the President of the United States.  Think about that.

Even after three plus years of the worst economic downturn that this nation has ever experienced, with over half of the able-bodied workforce unemployed, under-employed, and unemployable, due to inadequate skills, over half of  Americans receiving some sort of government assistance for the first time in history, the piling on of more debt in his first two years than all of the previous Presidents back to Washington combined,with no end in sight, on his eagerness to add even more,  the drastic weakening of our international position – economically and militarily -, and the majority of Americans believing that the country is going the wrong direction, not one member in the entire Democratic Party is running against him in this presidential primary.  Leaving him once again unvetted and free from the bright lights of scrutiny of a Primary Election process. Even as flawed as President Jimmy Carter was going into his re-election he had Ted Kennedy to challenge him from the Democratic Party.   Obama will once again face another moderate Republican opponent, probably former Mass. Governor Mitt Romney who as of yet has displayed the fired to excite the party’s base, or another opponent without balls or the directive to truly challenge Mr. Obama not just on his atrocious record as President, both domestic and foreign, but his Communist/Marxist ideology of the past and whether or not he still subscribes to them today.

It is as though the Establishment Media and elites of both major political parties have made a pact with the Devil to ascend the first Communist to the seat of the Presidency of the United States and stop at no cost to conceal as much of his true identity and actions from the majority of the American people as possible and clear the path needed for him to drive the final stake into heart of America and complete the transformation the greatest nation of economic freedom and individual liberties into a nation of a nanny socialist state with a crushing debt to be born to generations far to come.  Should Obama get re-elected no one can say it is due to he being unknown and without a record to evaluate, as during his first presidential election, but due to the greatest political rigging and subterfuge in American political history.