Obamanation Is Setting The Stage For Another Orchestrated Election

As I witness this year’s presidential election process I can’t help getting the feeling that I have seen this pattern regarding Mr. Obama before.  And I do fear greatly for the future of this nation.  Obama is the political version of Moses as unknown forces part the political Red Sea to allow him to reach his objectives unscathed.  The extraordinary lack of critical examination and investigation of this man either by the so-called opposition party, the Republican Party, or by what are supposed to be the people’s gatekeepers, the Establishment Media is only seconded by the lack of demand of it from the American people.

But this theater performance has been played out with Obama before.  From the start of his political career when he was elected to the Illinois Legislature the first time virtually by the elimination of his Democratic opposition due to supposedly not achieving the required number of petition signatures.  That left him running against two very light-weight opponents,   David Whitehead, the Harold Washington Party candidate, 61-year- homebuilder, real estate broker and salesman who had lost 3 previous election, and Rosette Caldwell Peyton, the Republican Party candidate, 67-year-old first-time candidate who was a teacher at Kozminski Community Academy during the lowest voter turnout in history.  He was then re-elected running again unopposed in his party and facing another newcomer Republican opponent, Yesse Ben Yehudah, 50-year-old founder and executive director of F.O.R.U.M (Fulfilling Our Responsibilities Unto Mankind).

He was re-elected for a 3rd time, this time unopposed in both his party or from the Republican Party.  He did have a hiccup when he lost his 2000 Democratic U.S House primary battle against four-term incumbent U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush.  Lighting did strike yet again for Obama when he defeated seven other minor Democrats and then defeated not Jack Ryan who won the Republican primary, due to the fact that he had to unexpectedly withdraw from the race under some suspicious circumstances, but former Diplomat Alan Keyes who was chosen by the Illinois Republican State Central Committee at the very last-minute to become the U.S Senator from Illinois.   And then without completing one term in the U.S Senate he most ambitiously targeted to become the President of the United States.  Now doesn’t every congressman and senator want to do that after only being in their seat for a year?  Being a literal unknown to the American people, he defeated the greatly favored and powerful Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Primary.  He then faced moderate Republican Arizona Senator John McCain, a man who though caused another moderate former Mass. Governor Mitt Romney to inexplicably quit early during the primary, did not have the support of the majority of his party nor was he truly engaged to attack Obama’s weaknesses – his severe lack of any experience in Congress or being executive, never work in the private sector, his time at Harvard and Occidental where in his book “the Dreams of My Father”  he found comfort with Marxist ideology and he expressly refers to “Frank” Marshall Davis, a devoted communist, who was his childhood mentor, to win.  Not to mention that Mr. Obama was the first truly African- American presidential candidate to reach the General Election process in the age of hyper race guilt and political correctness, and the liberal Establishment Media made attacking him even more problematic.  So McCain lost – Big!

To put Mr. Obama’s communist relationship issue into perspective, if you were to do a web search for President Ronald Reagan + Communism you get about 9 million results.  But if you search for Barack Obama + Communism you would get over 23 million results. The stark difference in the two is that Reagan results have to do with him defeating Communism, Obama’s is about him being a communist.  It is not as though some American people are most interested in this man who seats in the most powerful position in the world.  It is just that seemingly the elite of the media and major politicial parties are working overtime to make him and his past the most under-reported issue in history.  To this point, only Alan Keyes has dared to openly call Mr. Obama on his Marxist card head to head when he referred to him as “hard-core academic Marxist” during his run against him for the Ill. Senate seat.  I don’t believe that any person with such blatant Communist/Marxist affiliations could ever gotten through their party’s vetting, let a lone the media’s scrutiny, as recent as the 1980’s when the words socialist and communist were still four letter words to many Americans.  But yet, here we are in 2012 faced with actually re-electing such a man.  I believe that you would be hard pressed to name a highly popular entertainer or athlete whose background the majority of Americans knows or that has been reported on less the man who sits as the President of the United States.  Think about that.

Even after three plus years of the worst economic downturn that this nation has ever experienced, with over half of the able-bodied workforce unemployed, under-employed, and unemployable, due to inadequate skills, over half of  Americans receiving some sort of government assistance for the first time in history, the piling on of more debt in his first two years than all of the previous Presidents back to Washington combined,with no end in sight, on his eagerness to add even more,  the drastic weakening of our international position – economically and militarily -, and the majority of Americans believing that the country is going the wrong direction, not one member in the entire Democratic Party is running against him in this presidential primary.  Leaving him once again unvetted and free from the bright lights of scrutiny of a Primary Election process. Even as flawed as President Jimmy Carter was going into his re-election he had Ted Kennedy to challenge him from the Democratic Party.   Obama will once again face another moderate Republican opponent, probably former Mass. Governor Mitt Romney who as of yet has displayed the fired to excite the party’s base, or another opponent without balls or the directive to truly challenge Mr. Obama not just on his atrocious record as President, both domestic and foreign, but his Communist/Marxist ideology of the past and whether or not he still subscribes to them today.

It is as though the Establishment Media and elites of both major political parties have made a pact with the Devil to ascend the first Communist to the seat of the Presidency of the United States and stop at no cost to conceal as much of his true identity and actions from the majority of the American people as possible and clear the path needed for him to drive the final stake into heart of America and complete the transformation the greatest nation of economic freedom and individual liberties into a nation of a nanny socialist state with a crushing debt to be born to generations far to come.  Should Obama get re-elected no one can say it is due to he being unknown and without a record to evaluate, as during his first presidential election, but due to the greatest political rigging and subterfuge in American political history.

Questions Still Unanswered About September 11, 2001

With so much emotional fervor surrounding this date ten years later there are still some serious questions still unanswered, such as:

  • Are we to believe that anyone who’s barely trained to fly a Cessna can fly a commercial jetliner doing sophisticated aerial maneuvers into skyscrapers?
  • Who aimed the cameras up at the Towers just as they were hit?
  • Why NORAD and none of the other air defense measures followed standard procedures?
  • Why was there no response from local Air Force bases?
  • Who was held responsible for allowing the worse attack on American soil?
  • Are we to believe the jet fuel from the top of the skyscrapers, that have industrial reinforced steel throughout, brought the Towers and at least 2 other buildings, unconnected, straight down to the bottom?
  • Unlike pictures of the remains of the recent Russian Airliner that crashed, and other plane crashes, you can see clear reminisce of a plane; why is there no such evidence of a plane at the Pentagon or in the fields in Pennsylvania?
  • How did cell phones work from over 20,000 ft. on the airplanes when ground towers don’t reach to the height?
  • How and why was Atty. Gen. Ashcroft, and others, warned not to fly on that day?
  • If all of the supposed hijackers were from Saudi Arabia, why wasn’t Saudi Arabia targeted in response by the U.S?
  • What was, and is, the relationship between the Bin Laden family and the Bush’s?
  • Why aren’t the close circuit videos surrounding the Pentagon still not available to the public?
  • What happened to the “black boxes” from the airliners?
  • How were the names and photos of the supposed hijackers so readily available soon after the events?
  • Was the extension of a pipelines across Afghanistan the real reason for the invasion and occupation?
  • and more…….

I do believe that for all of the Americans who have given so much in blood, honor, and liberties due to this tragic event, deserve real honest answers.

The Issue Of Illegal Immigration Is The Greatest Moral Issue Of America Today

The other nite I had a rather heated discussion regarding illegal immigration.  It started over this person comparing the prejudicial and discriminatory treatment that many illegal immigrants are supposedly being subjected.  This maybe due to the fact the vast majority of illegal immigrants in the country are from Mexico and the explosion of the Mexican population mainly comes from illegal immigration.  So there may be some mis-identifying between those of the Latino population who are here legally and those who are here illegally.  That is the collateral element of this issue.

But that not withstanding, this person’s position was based on comparing the prejudice and discrimination of Mexican illegal immigrants today and that which this person’s parents suffered after legally immigrating from Europe after World War 2.  This shows the success of the confusionist’s argument on this issue to distort the key word in this discussion, that being illegal, verses legal.  It is not about “race”, ethnicity, or one’s place of origin.  It is an issue of  morality and right verses wrong.  The most important issue that we may ever face in this country.

The confusionist want us to get emotionally mis-directed over this issue and want us to strenuous compare and attach it to the mistreatment of the Black-American during the Civil Rights Era, the European-American following World War 1 and 2, the so-called Indian-American, or some other disenfranchised or mistreated American.  But the glaring and most relevant point of fact in this matter is of legal and illegal presence in America.  I am not trying to belittle or excuse the mistreatment imposed on the Black-Americans, European-Americans, or any other group who have a legal presence in this nation.  Humans are flawed creatures and at times do things that are inexcusable.  But, think of it as though you are a homeowner with two guest, one invited and the other uninvited.   Though you are very mad at both for the extra expense and inconvenience their presence have caused you, but you are more angry at the uninvited guess, just because his expenses are unduly burdensome.  Due to the fact that his presence is unsolicited and felonious.

I remember when I was young in school that it was a literal offense for someone to cut in front of you while standing in line.  We called it “French Cutting” to allow a friend or someone to get right in front of you, to only have him get behind you.  There was a greater moral conscience back then it seems. To be moral is defined as, “relating to principles of right and wrong in behavior”.  How can we rationally justify to the youngest of us, who are beginning to develop their boundaries of right and wrong, allowing those who have been identified as illegal or “undocumented” to access our educational and medical systems in manner that is not extended to those who are here legally as well as be favorably treated by those who are supposed to enforce the law; all at great financial and social expense.  At the same time wanting to publicly hang by the short hairs some sports figure who may have cheated to gain an advantage in his profession?  Are we so nieve to believe that this will not have them growing up with severely blurred boundaries of morality and not have a negative effect of our society? This is the moral dilemma this nation is faced with today and for which we will be remembered regarding illegal immigration and fair and equal treatment under the law. How we handle the issue of allowing people to openly cross the lines of what we have traditionally viewed as right and wrong.  The heated debate is not just happening in my circle, but in millions of homes across this nation, maybe threatening to divide them.  Is this the intent?

A strong position against illegal immigration is not against any Mexican, or any other foreign nation person, individually or personally.  If I were in their shoes and allowed to come to a country to acquire a better standard of life no matter illegally or legally I would probably do the same.  The cause of this divisive issue squarely resides at the feet of how the federal government is sanctioning this blatant disregard for its own laws and fiduciary duties to protect this nation and secure the blessing of liberty for our posterity and us.  The fact of the matter is that there are nearly a hundred legal means of immigrating to this nation for various lengths of time and purposes that has made us the overwhelming destination for nation people since our creation. Why aren’t they being exhaustively explored and applied now?  The bottom line is that we, the citizens of this nation, and those here illegally and negatively effecting our standard and quality of life are all pawns being pitted against each other in universal game of chess.  To allow one nationality such preferential treatment is to allow the same for others till we have thousands of enclaves of nation people each with their own individual agendas and needs.  Teddy Roosevelt prophetically warned of such thing when he stated, “The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities.”

At the end of the day, it will be shown whether or not we as Americans, who have as our foundation to be our own government and to choose a government that works to our demands, not have us work for its.  Will we be shown to be a people determined to stand steadfast on the principle of right and wrong – no matter the inconvenience? Will we choose a government that reflects those unwavering principles?  Or will the generations that follow see that we sold out or suppressed our principles lost in a purple haze of temporary benefit or mis-applied emotional content?