Will COVID-19 Be The Excuse Used For The Final Days of America As We Once Knew It?

Abraham Lincoln prophetically said, “If destruction be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen we must live through all time or die by suicide.”  A very good argument can be made that we have long crossed the Rubicon many years past on this measure.  But these past week’s actions by the United States government and the naked acquiescence of it’s actions by the populace may be the final conclusive evidence that we as a nation have been willing, though maybe ignorantly so, instruments on our own economic and social demise, via the policies of the U.S government under the guise of combating  SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19, commonly known as CoronaVirus.

What just happened here?!

In December of last year in Wuhan, Central China COVID-19 was identified as the latest Coronavirus place of origin. As of today approx. 3265 people out of approx. 1.428 BILLION people have died from it in China. The percentage of 3265 of 1,400,000,000 equates to approx. 2.286% of China’s population.  On January 19 of this year a 35-year-old Chinese man at an urgent care clinic in Snohomish County, Washington was diagnosed as having COVID-19 after returning from visiting his family in Wuhan.  A March 10th report in that top companies such as Carnival Cruise Lines, United Airlines, and Wynn resorts had taken a severe economic hit of some 50%-near 90% due to virus fears.  On March 12th a Utah Jazz NBA player Rudy Gobert was diagnosed as having COVID-19 just before the team was to play the Oklahoma City Thunder.  This immediately led to the “suspension” of not just the entire remainder of the NBA season, but the cession of ALL American pro sports.  And after just 1600 reported case infections and 38 deaths nationwide reported that the entire NCAA Basketball Tournament, that Walt Disney had closed all of its theme parks, that several States had closed schools nationwide, and that The White House, U.S. Capitol, and Pentagon had ended tours.  The next day president Trump declared a national emergency over the now official pandemic of COVID-19. On March 19th the reported that dining in spots in 15 States had been ordered closed by their governors. And many cities followed suit. On the 21st reported at least 118,000 U.S. public and private schools are closed, are scheduled to close, or were closed and later reopened, affecting at least 53.8 million school students. on March 22 reported, “The Dow has shed a staggering 6,235 points, or 24.54%, in March so far, which has dragged the stock index down to its lowest level since December of 2016. The percentage drop so far ranks as its second-worst in history after the 30.7% monthly skid in September of 1931, when the unemployment rate was at a lofty 15.9%.”  The Fed is looking to make the Quantitative Easing Program of the 2007 financial crisis look like your child’s weekly allowance by pumping TRILLIONS of Dollars unlimited into the markets. At the same time, the Congress is looking to pass an additional Trillion plus Dollar “stimulus” bill.  But yet as the entire sports world has literally shut down, many industries have either closed, suspended, or greatly reduced business due to social panic and or governmental edict, the U.S Congress is opened, no matter how many of it’s members are diagnosed with the virus, making laws that increases its control over the nation and the American people and citizens of the United States.  All of this unprecedented economic calamity is due to a grand total of 417, out of approx. 328 million, people dying from COVID-19 nationwide – that comes to approx. 1.271% of the country’s population.  This coupled with the continuous bombardment by the nation’s News Media Complex without any context that we are all going to die if we simply walk near another person has I fear caused irreparable harm to the societal psyche of the American people.  Though no one wants another to die and any number of life lost needlessly is too high,  but the lack of applying a high degree of person responsibility, objective viewing of the situation by the National Media, and the governmental officials politicization the situation in an election year is nothing more than stunning and intellectually repugnant.

Never let a serious crisis go to waste.

Rahm Emanuel, former White House Chief of Staff for president Barrack Obama, once said, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”  Throughout the history of this great nation during times of crisis and heightened levels of emotional fear and anxiety has been when of the personal freedoms and liberties have been surrendered by the people of America to the government of the United States that allowed it to greatly expands its power and size more than would have occurred during times of calm and peace such as President Lincoln suspending Habeus Corpus during the War Between the States, Americans allowing for the Graduated Income Tax during World War 2 under President F.D.R, and more recently the imposition of the PATRIOT Act under president G.W Bush after the demolition of the World Trade Towers on 9/11.

How many PSA’s [Public Service Announcements] have you seen or heard by the government on how we should all remain calm?  How we should practice high degrees of personal responsibility?  Discouraging frivolous lawsuits by people who may become infected due to ordinary contact?  Illustrated how we as a nation have gotten through this type of virus pandemic before? or How to improve our health and improve our immune system to better combat the virus? or How this will all be over soon?  How about the national Media? … I’ll wait….

The fact is that coronaviruses are not anything new.  This particular one may be new at this time.  But coronaviruses were discovered in the 1960’s.   And all of them have faded away in a relatively short time and quickly forgotten.  What is making this case so extraordinary is the mass hysteria by the 24 hour national Media dragging the government to present this as though it is the plague causing the people to react in blind irrational fear, like stocking up on months worth of toilet paper.  The fact is that the Spanish Flu of 1918, that’s long before 24 hr News Media and before Americans become hooked on the government immediately rescuing them, is the deadliest to date.  It took out approx. 50 MILLION people worldwide and 675,000 nationally.  It lasted a little over a year.  It had no vaccine nor treatments available.  In 2009 we had the H1N1 flu [the Swine Flu] pandemic hit.  It claimed approx. 284,000 lives worldwide, 12,469 nationally.  Within 8 months we had a vaccine.  And 8 months later it had passed.  And then there is the seasonal flu.  Do you remember any of these?  It has become so common that we barely pause to think about it, less than stop national commerce.  It takes out anywhere between approx. 291,000 – 646,000 annually worldwide and 12,000 – 61,000 nationally. And we have treatments for it.  Whereas COVID-19 to date has claimed approx. just 15,374 lives worldwide and 471 nationally and we are severely crippling this nation socially and economically to an unknown degree. These numbers and facts and reaction just do not add up for me.   Someone has to explain it better for me.  Do they make sense for you?

The right questions are not being asked.

  • Why is the government, along with the national Media, encouraging more quarantining of the healthy people more than the elderly and immune challenged?
  • Why is there seemingly no open reflection nor any rational content connecting COVID-19 with past viruses or epidemics to better comfort and educate us that this crisis too shall soon past?
  • Why isn’t the government seeking to allow the American people access to their Trillions of dollars in pensions and 401-K savings or actions that allows us to keep more of our money that goes to the government, i.e., eliminating the federal Payroll Tax, rather than printing more money that will eventually have to be paid back or send taxpayer money to the banks and lending institutions to then be loaned out with conditions and interest?
  • Why are States and areas of the country that are not being seriously affected being treated as though they are the worst areas?
  • Why isn’t the number of those who have recovered from the virus being highlighted?
  • With the alarmist contagion spreading untethered, why isn’t anyone saying when will this “emergency” ended Or what is the end game plan?

Uncertainty for the future is not good for Wall Street nor Main Street. The measures that have and are being imposed by the government in a “proactive” measure and that are largely based on theory are wreaking havoc on the American economy more than the actual virus itself.  Even the most passive observer must ask the question, if this was not an election year and the political climate was more like the ’90s would this be happening so aggressively with such abandonment of reason?  Actions seemingly are being put into motion largely by the government, locally and at the federal level, without any public debate, questioning, or thought of the reaction or consequences – short-term or long-term – to the national economy and psyche growing on an expanding and growing wave of fear and conformity to not question the actions or motives of the collective or popular notion.  Could we had taken another path that didn’t heighten public fears of infinite isolation?  could we have taken this time to encourage greater self-responsibility over personal health choices? and Could we have not encouraged a feeding opportunity for government expanding power and size that will end up costing future generations in personal freedoms and liberties and economic treasure?

The American people’s spirit will and can achieve some amazing things if given honest information and support from the federal government, i.e., it gets out of the way.  The question is, has the 60 plus years of the Progressive Left’s creation of the “Nanny State” succeeded in neutering or suppressing the desire to do so?  Future historians may look back at this event as the final one that took out this great nation, with all of its promise of even more greatness as free people, and fundamentally change it into a nation that it was never intended to become.

A President Gone Rouge: Where’s The Outcry?

obama smug

The late U.S President Richard Nixon famously stated, “When the President does it, that means that it’s not illegal.” He was later removed from office by the people.

But my, my, my, my, my, how times have changed. And not for the better. Today the American people are faced with Nixon reincarnated on steroids and a complicit Congress that is seemingly more interested in being politically correct than constitutionally correct.

The nation is faced with an invasion of immigrants unlike in any other time deliberately instigated and enabled by the Chief Executive of the United States. Unwilling, or unable, to make his case to the American people why the nation needs to allow more immigrants, particularly those low skilled from south of the border, how the nation can financially afford the influx of such numbers, or explain how the nation could best assimilate such an influx of immigrants into our society at a time of unprecedented economic and employment troubles; Mr. Obama instead creates law at his desk, via Executive Orders.

From the moment Mr. Obama was placed into the Office he has  sought to move heaven and earth to impose his vision of America on America, by any means necessary.  Many of his actions have not just been on the line of legality, but totally over it.  His most blatant acts of lawful defiance and indifference has been his championing of Latin immigrants who seek to come and stay in the country “undocumented”; even at the expense of the nations domestic laws and social tranquility. Though there has been Presidents such as Teddy Roosevelt who have used their power of the pen to impose their interpretation of a law passed by the Congress, never has the one charged to enforce the laws of the land so blatantly chosen to ignore written laws, and write executive law and regulations unilaterally without care or consideration of the Branch that’s actually empowered to make law, i.e., the Congress.  Coupled with the curious fact there doesn’t seem to any true opposition to his power grab is even more problematic. Mr. O seems to be totally unconcerned about the negative effects that his actions will have on the nation. Or is this his intent?.

What makes Obama’s actions even more bizarre, is that to hear him speak of his having to ignore the Congress to get his policies enacted to the American people, the fact that the Congress will not blindly go along with his wants, he believes that we should be greatfull that he is working outside of the laws of the country.  Lets remember that Mr. O views the Constitution as “a Charter of Negative Liberties“.  It’s too restrictive on the powers of government.  If the head the Executive Branch believes that the laws of the nation are to be adhered to only when it’s convenient, how is the average citizen or the youngest amongst us to view laws or those in authority? And should we rest comfortably thinking that this precedent won’t be followed by future presidents to a even more greater degree?

The fundamental question we the people of America should be asking is, Whether we are to be ruled by a king or governed by a duly elected Legislature in concert with the Executive and Judicial Branches in accordance with the Constitution? Founder Alexander Hamilton discussed the king vs president comparison and how laws are to be properly enacted in the Federalist Papers #69 by saying, “The President of the United States is to have power to return a bill, which shall have passed the two branches of the legislature, for reconsideration; and the bill so returned is to become a law, if, upon that reconsideration, it be approved by two thirds of both houses. The king of Great Britain, on his part, has an absolute negative upon the acts of the two houses of Parliament. The disuse of that power for a considerable time past does not affect the reality of its existence; and is to be ascribed wholly to the crown’s having found the means of substituting influence to authority, or the art of gaining a majority in one or the other of the two houses, to the necessity of exerting a prerogative which could seldom be exerted without hazarding some degree of national agitation.” I would say that we are pretty agitated. Wouldn’t you? If we want a president who totally ignores the voices of the people via their representatives because they wont act as his wants, than it is a king that we truly want.  The powers of the Executive, as well as the government as a whole, were to be finite, defined, and limited, to ensure the liberties of the people and the tranquility and prosperity of the nation.

The desire of big business and government to import cheap labor in mass to the detriment of abled-bodied domestic labor is not new, as reported by Roy Beck in We have today a government working against the betterment of the nation seemingly with impunity.  We today have one of the lowest labor participation rates in our nations history and a federal debt that is so negative it is going to be born by our posterity for generations.  We have a gross deficiency in moral governance and a evolving cancerous societal culture that denigrates the value of having a high ethical code.  That of hard work in particular.  We do not have a domestic labor shortage, despite the constantly repeated political mantra.  If that were the case wages would not be stagnant or declining as they are. How is flooding the nation with more low-skilled immigrants who many seeks to take even more from our coffers that we do not actually have going make us as a nation more prosperous?  How does imposing laws in one way for the benefit of one group of people and in a different way, or not at all,  for another make us more just? More united?

What is vastly different today is the grotesque level of Saul Alinsky-like techniques of word manipulation, deception, and dishonesty presented by Mr. Obama and the lack of resolute moral governance by the people’s representatives. A unrestrained government, one that sees no bounds to its authority, that deliberately tramples on the line between legal and illegal at the expense of the will of the governed, is by definition a tyrannical government.  But, we the people have to posses a definitive moral constitution for those who represent us to.  We have to be knowledgable of the of the proper role, authority, and function of government.  We have to be informed and engaged on political matters and the actions of the government. If we have a president who acts illegally, a government that chooses not to govern, but rule, or have laws made that are unlawful, it is up to each of us to check him or them.  At the end of the day our silence is our quiescence.

Obama Escalates Scorch-America Policy As His Reign Comes To End

The most recent scandal of the Obama reign regarding the growing humanitarian crisis that is developing on the nation’s southern borders with the unprecedented surge of illegal South American youths, as well the release of 5 high-level Taliban officers from the Guantanamo Bay prison for a captured U.S soldier, after being rejected twice by Congress, must be put in a proper perspective in order to be clearly understood. These and other inexplicable actions by Mr. Obama and his accomplices are not by accident, but an another orchestrated play to dramatically denigrate America’s status and position on every level – politically, socially, internationally, militarily, and most importantly economically – before he vacates the Office.

It should be noted in relation to the Administration’s release of the Taliban prisoners back to return to the battle field is not new, it’s not the first time. It has done so in 2012 and 2013. It was all done quietly by the Administration and without much of a peep from the Establishment Media. But the most recent unlawful release of the 5 of the most dangerous Taliban prisoners for a suspected U.S military deserter, Prvt. Bowe Bergdahl, maybe most disturbing due to the way the Administration’s brazen and extraordinary overt manner in which it chose to execute it. First, it was with a grandiose Rose Garden announcement and production, with hugs, kisses, and tears, while a Marine sits in a Mexican jail and other Americans remain captive in foreign jails unmentioned by Mr. O. Then, the Administration follows that assault of the American people’s sanity with feeble attempts to manipulate and distort the truth with promotions of the exchange being due on moral grounds, for the health of the U.S serviceman, that the 5 Taliban members will not pose any threat to U.S security. Blah, blah, blah, lie, lie, lie. The Administration repeats its pattern of truth deformation, intellectual dishonesty, and blatantly working against the interest of the American people. Then he looks for the Establishment Media for cover. Just as it has done with the Benghazi scandal, the Veterans Administration scandal, the IRS scandal, and other scandals. And the Media is too eager to oblige him with cover and distraction.obama tears constitution

Mr. O is in his last term, with a totally submissive, duplicitous, and complicitous Congress, and a largely apathetic and politically disengaged American populace.  It seems as though the only thing standing in the way of his, and his handlers, fulfillment of sending this nation to 4th-world status and social dysfunction is time, when his term ends.

Even as the most passive spectator looks at the wake of Mr. Obama’s reign in the seat of the Presidency of the United States, he sees a implicit pattern of destruction and decimation of America’s once great foundation and status – here at home and abroad. Obvious proof of his astonishing lack of a positive record of his Administration is how there was not one true accomplishment that he himself ran on in his re-election, and none that any Democrat candidate is running on for their re-election.  And things are looking to get a lot worst, even after the Republicans regain control of the Congress.  Mr. O has made obvious his disdain for Constitutional restraints and his utter contempt for the powers of the Legislative and Judicial Branches of the government. He doesn’t like his plans to be challenged on their merits, via the people’s Representatives. He prefers to rule by pen – Executive Orders and or regulations – like a dictator or king.

The scandal over the Bergdahl exchange for 5 high-level enemy combatants is just the latest atrocity that if one were just dropped from outer space, and witnessed the federal government’s actions over the past 5 plus years, he would think that there had undoubtedly been a coup de tah. A very good argument can be made that this Administration has done little to nothing for the benefit of America or the American people. But with the clock ticking on his dream of fundamental transforming and remaking of this republic, Mr. O seems to be kicking up his efforts up more than a couple notches to do even more damage to the nation.

child-illegalsAfter years of tickling us with opening our nation’s southern borders and allowing a flood of largely low-skilled and uneducated immigrants to enter and stay for the past 4 years, he is now setting the nation a blaze with a purposeful orchestrated assault of hundreds of young immigrants on our nation’s southern border. Due to Mr. O’s Executive Order that allows illegal youths to be free from deportation, its unlikely any of these children being returned to their home. Instead their parents will be sought to join them here. Never-mind if the parents are illegal themselves. Can you say AMNESTY. This naked defilement of the nation’s immigration laws will only add to the already over-whelmed social system due to the need of not only the millions of illegal immigrants here already straining the national economy, via the health system, the penal system, the education system, and the welfare system, but of those legally here. The situation at the border is so serious and grave that the Administration dare not let their actions be known by too many Americans that they’ve placed a gag order over the government agents on the border. With the nation’s labor participation rate for American youths at all-time lows, with 2 out of 3 jobs going to immigrants – legal and illegal -, and Obamacare set to increase the list of the medically uninsured, how can any of this be good for the nation? It can not! Oh as for the youths of the of 90% of the political demographic who so stubbornly voted for “Mr. First African-American President”, twice, the Black-American community, the labor participation rate amongst it’s youth is at a historic low under this Administration. But, according to Mr. O the future of this nation depends on Latin children who are in the nation illegally. To his credit, he does not say that we will have a prosperous nation.

But his disastrous policies to reform America into an unexceptional, lack-luster, dependent nation will have effects that we and the world will be feeling for generations to come. He has saddled us with Himalayan mountain size regulations that retards and disincentivises economic growth and expansion. He’s crippling the primary source of energy of the nation, coal, with his granting the EPA with extraordinary powers to increase regulations on the energy industry that can only end up hitting us in the pockets, at a time that they are feeling lighter and lighter already.

He has long sought to redefine and reconstitute the U.S military, as evidence of his now infamous “apology tour” after his first inauguration. He wants to shrink the nation’s military to pre-WW 2 levels, vacate the role of world military leader, particularly in the Middle East. At the same time Russia are joining forces with Communist China and increasing their fighting capabilities and capacity.

This Administration’s actions has undermined the trust of the American people unlike any since Nixon with its unjustified and dissonant scandals such as the IRS targeting of Americans simply due to political affiliation that seemingly lead right to the steps of 1600 Penn Avenue.

Mr. Obama has without true cause greatly fractured us as a nation. And in so doing is seen as not trustworthy by a majority of the American people. This is the President of the United States the we are talking about folks! We are not just talking about the man who currently occupies the Office, but the cherished and historically exalted institution that is the Presidency of the United States.

But it is not the fault of Mr. O being who and what he is. He is what he is and has always been. He is someone who has an extreme degree of psychological discomfort with America – how it was founded, its dominant position in the world, and, most importantly, its Republican-Constitutional form of government.  It would be extremely apparent if more of us would plow ourselves from the TV programing and just listened to what he was, and is, actually saying and watch his true actions beyond the distraction of the award-winning Media production of “the United States’ First African-American President” that has been played before us and the world. The demise of America has been planned by our enemies since our inception. But it has come to this place and time when there are so many citizens woefully and willfully ignorant of our nation’s history and reason for being that we are like an orphaned infant passing to bosom to bosom blindly being led further and further from its original creation, heritage, and identity.

Just as Ben Franklin remarked after signing the Constitution, We have a Republic, if we can keep it.” Mr. O has repeatedly remarked things such as transforming or remaking America. But, in order to remake or transform anything it has to be first destroyed or torn down. But it is not Mr. Obama’s duty to keep this republic or this nation as it was rightfully constituted. It is not the duty of the Congress. It is inevitably the duty and responsibility of we the people to do so and to be eternally vigilant over the actions of those entrusted to represent us to see that our wishes are properly adhered to; to hold them accountable. After all that is said and done, we have the very government that we want.