Obama; The Right Man For America, Wrong Ideology

Like most of Americans watching the Presidential elections of 2009, I was more curious and anxiously excited about having a black man represent America as the United States’ President.  With so many Americans and U. S Citizens openly expressing that it was time for the nation to be represented by a black man, I had to question aloud, have we as a nation “overcome”?  Had we as a nation overcome the notion that blacks were not intelligent enough or too inferior to be president?  Could we as a nation finally put the shameful and tragic period of our nation’s history of black-American slavery in the past and finally give the credit that we as a nation truly deserves for providing blacks, people of all color, more wealth and economic opportunity here as in no other nation on the planet? Could we at long last have a shining example that as a black-American you can be anything that you set your dreams on, even president of the United States?  But, even after learning that his mother was a devout leftist socialist and that his two fathers came from socialist countries, hearing his interview referring to the Constitution of “a charter of negative liberties”, because he saw that the Constitution limited the government too much, and reading in his book that he favored communist ideology and idols as he grew up and in college, I grew more anxious than anything else.  But I still hoped like a child awaiting Santa Claus to come deliver my gift, to find out that was my mother and father placing the gifts under the tree.  And not one of the gifts was what I truly wanted; At all!  I was greatly disappointed.

Just as I was emotionally crushed in not getting the jet pack that I saw the Robinsons on “Lost In Space” fly around on for me to fly to elementary school, I am more disappointed in the lost opportunity that Barack Obama offered to many blacks, and all ethnicities in America, and around the world, to be the one to set things off on the road for a better America, and to highlight it’s goodness and be a beacon for others to follow.  There may not be another such opportunity in my life time.

I believe that the average American would be hard press to not find Obama’s charm, looks, hip and charismatic presence, golden tongue, and picturesque family, appealing, and may even have you reminiscing about another such man, John F. Kennedy.  But when you review the 8 years of Mr. Obama’s tenure as president it will be his radical leftist progressive political ideology that has made this man an alien to the silent American majority and a cancer to his Party, both nationally and federally; and he’s definitely no J.F.K.

Following Barack Obama’s first presidential election, Newsweek in 2009 infamously shouted on it’s front page “We Are All Socialist Now”, maybe in mind, but certainly no in heart, yet.  Measuring from the results of the total policy rebuttal of the most unabashed leftist progressive U.S citizen ever elected as president since Woodrow Wilson by the voters, there heart of Americanism still beats, though lightly.

Obama was, and is, a pure ideologue first, and a politician distant second.  When he got elected major polls showed that jobs and economy where first and foremost on American’s minds.  And the election of 2016 major polls show that the economy and jobs are still foremost on the minds of Americans.  It is clear that it was not the economic health of the nation that he targeted for fundamental transformation, but it’s social identity. Lets just take a look at the accomplishments of president Obama:

  • March 2010, months after becoming president, signed The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), i.e., Obamacare – the most sweeping and costly government expansion into American healthcare since 1965 Medicare & Medicaid.
  • July 2010, Obama signs the most sweeping takeover of the U.S financial system with the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, costing approx. costs to $24 billion in compliance-related expenses and 61 million paperwork hours. [7/2015]
  • In February 2011 Obama ordered his Justice Department to cease defending the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, that strictly defined marriage a between one man and one woman. [2/2011] It was later struck down by the Supreme Court in June 2013.
  • November 2014 Obama signs Executive Order effectively granting legal status to over 11 MILLION ILLEGAL Immigrants. [12/2014]
  • The Obama Administration has added $108 BILLION in annual regulatory cost. Costing $784 million every day the federal government was open for business in 2015 for Americans. [1/2016]
  • The number of Americans not in the labor force has increased by 14,573,000 under his rule. [1/2017]

Just imagine if Mr. Obama would have sought to be a shining example as to what is possible as a son of African in America, rather than apologize for the nation’s greatness? Had he sought to improve the wealth and status of citizens on the low end of the economy by emphasizing, low taxation and government regulation, personal self-reliance and self-responsibility, civics, and increasing economic literacy throughout the nation? If had he sought to mimic J.F.K by challenging the educational institutions to focus on the sciences to make the nation tops in the world?  And what if he challenged the nation to boldly harvest the abundance of the nation’s natural resources, natural gas, oil, coal, etc.?  Yeah, imagine.

There is no question to the even most passive observer that Mr. O’s grand agenda was to permanently make the federal government the American people’s daddy and to shred the cultural fabric that has bound us together for some 200 plus years.  And he has succeeded in many ways like no one could have imagined possible in 2009.  But at what cost?  To both his Party as well as the nation?  The Democrat Party has lost BIG during Mr. O’s reign, federally and nationally, down over 10% in the Senate, over 19% in the House, over 20% in the State Legislatures, and an astounding plus 35% in State Governorships.  The very fact that the U.S Citizens and American voters have sent a very clear message that we are not totally ready for blatant socialism, just yet, is promising.  The question is do we know and understand why?

The charactership of Barack Obama was visually pleasing and accepted.  He represented hope for a better future and change from an ugly past. Little attention or vigorous objection was paid to what he was actually saying or the consequences of his action and motives.  And we seemingly cared little of the specifics.  But unless the American people reignite genuine reverence for what makes America exceptionally unique and what makes being an American special, i.e., the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, there will be another character presented to us boasting grand promises that he will whisk our deepest fears and worries away, who posses unvetted motives and idelology intuitively repugnant to Americanism that will lead the nation to depths of social and economic poverty that will be inescapable.

Barack Obama’s “Innocent” Presidency


Don't tell anyone that it was me.

Don’t tell anyone that it was me.

Imagine for a moment that you have a young child, and you are attempting to solve the problem of the vanishing cookies. When you question your child, for whom you love dearly, he demonstratively denies that it is he who has taken the cookies.  He is telling you that it is lit’l Johnny, the young boy from next door, with whom he is closely acquainted.  But, as he is passionately attempting to convince you of his innocence, you cannot help but to notice that in the corner of his mouth appears to be chocolate chip cookie residue, the same type of cookies that are missing. And that there is an empty glass tucked behind his desk that appears to have milk film in it.  Your ears are telling you that you need to keep lit’l Johnny out of your house.  But, your eyes are telling that your beloved child is a liar. Question is which are you to believe?  Which one do you want to believe?

This analogy to me closely describes Mr. Barack Obama’s nearly 8 years in the most powerful political office in the world. As poll after poll tells us that the majority of Americans believe that nation is headed in the wrong direction socially, economically, and nationally.  There are more young Americans unemployed and under-employed in recent history.  The image of the U.S military is that of an aging tiger, that is no longer feared by our enemies, nor trusted by our traditional friends.   Most Americans no longer have any faith or trust in the nation’s institutions – political, religious, or Media.  And there’s chaos and mayhem in the streets of Americans fighting and are being divided over racial discrimination, sexual orientation, political affiliation, religious affiliation, and economic status, at levels no time in the nation’s history.  Even in our nation’s darkest moments history tells us that we the people could come together under one God, one flag, one common language, and or one national identity.  No one can say this today. And yet, according to popular opinion, it is not the fault of the man in the Office, nor his policies.  A man who use to organize political and social chaos and mayhem for a living, before entering the political arena.  Amazing!!

To listen to Mr. O talk about any of the grievous issues that face the nation, you hear him either blame the cause on the Republican Party, his predecessor’s policies, G.W Bush, or he reaches from his behind and pulls out another here before unknown culprit as explanation.  But, it is never, ever, never, ever, ever, himself, nor his policies, the cause of issues that currently face the nation.  It is never he who is the reason that cookie jar is now empty.  And what is most disturbing, the institution that the Founders intended to be the gatekeepers, to alert the people if the governmental creators should misbehave, the Media, is blatantly complicit at best in the government’s treacherous actions, or gross sympathizers and enablers at worst.

His 8-year presidency has been so bad that the current Democrat Presidential contender, Hillary Clinton, dares to boastfully run on any of his pillar policy achievements, in particularly his signature ones – Dodd-Frank or the Affordable Care Act [Obamacare].  In fact, she keeps screaming how bad things are; after nearly 8 years of democrat governance.  And she boast how she can make things better; while quietly planning to follow similar, if not the same, political ideology as Mr. O. She is likely to expand his political social transformation in an even more Saul Alinsky-like manner due to the fact that she actually knew the man and studied under him.  She’ll attempt to take more from the “haves”, to give to the “have nots”.  Or as Karl Marx stated, “Take from those based on their ability, to give to those based on their needs”. And as the nation follows the spiraling course of other socialist/communist governments who believe that it is central government rule, and not free people’s enterprise, that creates everlasting prosperity. She will seek to blame some obscure villain, rather that of her failed ideological policies.

The nation has been under the reign of Mr. O and the Democrat Party for nearly 8 years!  And yet everyone, even the soon-to-be head of his party, member of his party, and his myrmidons, is hard pressed to champion any single great accomplishment that has added to the nation’s wellbeing and prosperity.  But what the vast majority seemingly can concur is that things are not going good today, at all.  Question is, when does the failing condition of the patient [the nation] become the fault or responsibility of the doctor [Mr. O] who’s been caring for him?

The next time you should hear Mr. Obama, or any of his supporters, attempt to stridently claim that the decline of our standard of living and feeling of anxiety in the current and future path of the nation is the fault of someone or something else, and you start to question your eyes over your ears, and therefore maybe even your sanity, take a long glance at these 10 interesting/disturbing facts about Mr. O’s reign as U.S president:

The American people are hurting like in no other time in our history.  The house is ablaze. The neighbors and friends [other nation citizens] have come banging on our doors to warn us on the impending danger, because they have had their house burned down before in similar manner.  But the fire chief [Mr. O], and the Media, is telling us to go back in, all is fine. Ignore the naysayers. No worries.

The 8 years of Mr. Obama’s reign as the president of the United States will undoubtedly be viewed by future historians as the most polarizing, when the nation was truly fundamentally transformed socially, economically, and politically.  Our intuitive defenses were numbed by the relentless bombardment of political correctness. And seemingly the origin of the unprecedented mass disruption could not me be affixed to Mr. O. Like Houdini’s escape from the locked box deeply immersed underwater unscathed, Mr. Obama will leave office having set fire to America with a near 50% overall approval from the citizens of the United States.  Damn he’s good!

The question that will asked by those historians…How could this have happened?  How did we allow it to happen?





10 Stories You Were Not Meant To Care About In 2015

chinese yaun

Here we are at another end of another year where as we look in the rear view mirror,  we see that there were A LOT of events that we missed. More importantly, events they were purposely de-emphasized by the Establishment US Media.


  1. The US Dollar is on the greased path of being replaced as the world’s reserve currency by the Communist nation of China. The Chinese Yuan is admitted to the basket of reserve currencies by the IMF.
  2. Despite how much the Media tells us how “robust” the employment rate is, there are historically more Americans not working – over 90 MILLION.
  3. If you are feeling economically suppressed, it’s not your imagination. America now ranks #16 – below Singapore, UAE, and Georgia in economic freedoms.
  4. The probable Democrat Presidential nominee has a BIG big problem that the Media strenuously do not want the politically uninitiated to know, Hillary is under federal investigation for purposely mis-handling her emails as State Secretary.  What a great President she’d make, eh?
  5. If Hillary were a Republican this would be front page and regurgitated daily on the Big Three News channels ad nauseam. Congressional Hearings get Hillary to admit that she blatantly lied about the early reports of the Benghazi attacks.
  6. It was not just the Democrats who raised the debt on the people in the Budget Deal of 2015. Republicans instrumental in raising debt burden on the posterity of America.
  7. The Syrian refugee “crisis” is a product of Obama’s foreign Mid East policy– from the Egyptian and Libyan coup d’états, to the military vacuum in Iraq and inspired coup d’état of Syrian leader Assad.
  8. Obamacare is doing everything other than what is was promised to the American people it would do. GAO reports that Obamacare will rise 14% for 2 out of 3 users in 2016.
  9. If you think that Christians are taking it hard by the Media here in America, we’re getting no luv by the US Media in the birth-place of Christendom. America is silent on the Christian genocide in the Middle East.
  10. Isn’t it interesting that the Media finds Herculean energy to report when a conservative such as the Koch brothers are supporting a conservative politician or cause? But it seems to be completely unenthused when it comes to reporting when someone like mega-liberal George Soros is funding “Black Lives Matters”.

As events around the world and within the nation happen at more quickening pace that have an impact on our lives it becomes more imperative that we the People receive information that we can trust to be true in order for us to make the best decisions.  It would be a great help if the elected officials work harder to create educational systems that stress the 3 R’s rather than political correctness and secularism, so that we can be comprehend and decipher events; Encourage economic conditions that  inspire businesses to freely create and invest their capital and create jobs, so that America can become a world beacon for economic development; Become economically solvent so not to be financially prostituted, so the government doesn’t have to surrender our nation’s economic jewels due to its lack of integrity;  and stand on the Judeo-Christian principles upon which this nation was founded.  But if the people do not demand this from the government creatures, then we get the government that we get.







Atlas Shrugged: Fiction or Reality?

ayn ryanThe other day I watched the second installment of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged movie. Though it had been some time since I saw the first part of the sequel of 2011, this one rekindled disturbing eeriness that the first one left in me. The sense that this book, and movie, is hitting just a little too close to the reality of today, particularly in America.

This movie centers around what our world would be if the government was not governed by the tenets or principles of documents, such as the Constitution, where the right of citizens to their life, liberty, and property, i.e., pursuit of happiness, were supreme, that restricted the reach of the government, but was governed by what was good for the society, or majority, as a whole, PERIOD! This governmental ideology was greatly stifling to the producers, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

Both individuals and companies were taxed and regulated simply based on their capacity to earn, and produce. And the amount of their wealth was to be redistributed and made accessible to those based on their need and want. Words and phrases such as “fairness”, “the collective”, and “the common good” were used by government representatives and agents like they were getting points of word usage.

Industries of production were being placed under government control. There was a strict limit on the amount of money companies could earn. And if a company sought to exceed the government imposed profit limits or act counter to the demands of the government, they were run out of business, or faced prison time and or crippled with financial penalties. Some owners and creators of businesses even went as far as to destroy that which they had spent a life time to create, rather than let the government have it. Citizens of great wealth and talents were being taxed to the point that many of them chose to simply no longer work or exercise their God-giving talents and skills – to disappear. There were scenes of mobs of citizens championing the agenda of the government to tax the “evil rich” to give them more of their wealth. But their tunes soon changed once they saw the consequences of businesses and producers being so heavily taxed and regulated.  It meant that fewer of them had jobs, the price of goods sky-rocketed, and their quality of life plummeted.

But that’s just fiction. Make-believe. Right?

Have you been listening closely to the words that have been coming out of the mouths of the government creatures over the past 6 years, or so? Have you been paying attention to their actions, and the results thereof?

Before Mr. Obama became president he let it be known that taxes should be raised on the producers, not for the sake bettering of the nation’s economy, but for the sake of “fairness”. With regards to the coal and the energy industry, he promised to bankrupt the coal industry and regulate the nation’s energy complex, supposedly so that we may all have clean air, to the point that the natural ramifications would be soaring energy prices for the folks, you and I. In order for everyone to have healthcare, and have someone else pay for it, the government passes Obamacare, i.e., The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Obamacare is forecast to raise healthcare cost and encourage people to not work. There has been more regulations placed on the American economy and industry like in no time in our history that have acted like a 2,000 ton albatross around the angle of the nation. Coupled with the unprecedented fact that there are over 98 million citizens not working and over 100 million on Food Stamps. Even though the top income earners are paying the vast majority of the federal taxes, the ignorance of the populous leads them to demand the wealthy pay more of their “fair share”.  To top it all off, a record number of U.S citizens, the producers, are turning in their U.S Passports. 

The simple fact is if you were to look around at every other nation that has the government as the main engine of the economy, whether it’s socialists as in Greece, Sweden, or England, the E.U is an economic dumpster fire, or communist/authoritarian as in North Korea, Russia, or China, were you have to force people to stay at gun point, they all have several things in common; one, none of them can naturally out produce America on a per-ca pita basis, two, many of their best and brightest hit a granite ceiling, their income or what they can earn, no matter how talented or productive they may be, is capped by the government. That causes many of them to stay and suffer, stop producing, or leave the country all together. And three, the nation’s economies will eventually stall or collapse under the sheer weight of there being more people on the dole of the government than paying into it.

But, since economic and historical weights are what are most absent from this production, America appears to be headed down this already worn out path of government-centralized power that has yet to create a economic super power.  Where the drive to dare to dream and to get rewarded for your success, as well as feel the sting of your failures, the education of life, is suppressed by the big hand of the government. Despite the popular perception, government does not create any wealth. It can only redistribute wealth. But, eventually even the greatest most powerful government will run out of people to redistribute from. America was created to be different. Where people controlled the government. Where the individual had his unalienable rights to his property, his life, and his liberty protected above the cries of the “common good” or the collective. But if this theatre continues to play out, where more of us surrender more of our responsibilities and liberties to the government, more of us will be asking, Where is John Gault?.

Has America Lost It’s Moral Clarity?

Could I be accused of over exaggeration if I was to say that America is morally a dumpster fire? And no one seems to care.

We have NBC’s head news anchor, Brian Williams, grotesquely embellishes, i.e., lies, while reporting news. People want to create a new disorder, “mis-remembering”, to excuse his actions. We have a U.S President strenuously attempting to apply moral equivalency of radical Islamist and their actions of today to the Crusades of over a thousands years ago, Christendom, and Jim Crowe and slavery…at the National Prayer Breakfast. Really? Due to the government redefining marriage, we have acts such as women who marry themselves. Approximately 300 hundred youths storm a theater and goes on stealing spree. More Americans and U.S citizens are existing solely on the grace of the federal government than at any time before. And the architect of Obamacare admits that gross lies, deception, and manipulation, with Mr. Obama as a main accomplice, paved the way for its passage into law. And the story is buried deeper than the City of Atlantis by the Established Media.

The other day I heard a phrase that clearly defines this area that we as a nation have entered, “the age of acceptance”. This movement has been revealed in a Gallop Poll. We have entered a time where there is no concept of absolutes regarding one’s actions and moral behavior. One’s concept of right and wrong is solely defined by their personal boundaries, or that of popular identification. The notion of being guided by religious moral principles have been driven from the public square to be only exercised in one’s home or place of worship.

The abolition of moral clarity governed by traditional Judeo-Christian principles appears to be targeted at the young. Lets face it, those of us who where raise up in the 1960’s and prior had a strong sense of moral bounds instilled in us, mainly by our parents, then the church, and then by society and the government. Today, that order has been completely flipped. A Pew Survey revealed just how little significance religion has amongst the young of today in America. David Brooks of the New York Times, wrote an article Why Young Americans Can’t Think Morally. In Mr. Brook’s article it astonishingly stated that of those aged 18-23, “Moral thinking didn’t enter the picture, even when considering things like drunken driving, cheating in school or cheating on a partner.”…The default position, which most of them came back to again and again, is that moral choices are just a matter of individual taste.”… and that “Morality was once revealed, inherited and shared, but now it’s thought of as something that emerges in the privacy of your own heart.

The separation of the historical foundation of Christian principles and moral guidance and the success of this nation, particularly by the young, is of critical importance to the survival of this nation as a free and prosperous nation.

The notion that there is no connection or correlation between traditional Judeo-Christian principles and the phenomenal success of a nation of less than 300 years old is a truly new concept. Alexis de Tocqueville, 1800’s political thinker and historian, said of the secret of America, “I sought for the key to the greatness of America in her harbors; in her fertile fields and boundless forests; in her rich mines and vast world commerce; in her public school system and institutions of learning. I sought for it in her democratic Congress and in her matchless Constitution. Not until I went into the churches of America and heard her pulpits aflame with righteousness did I understand the secret of her genius and power. America is great because America is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, America ceases to be great.” Former Democrat U.S President Harry Truman, who would arguably be considered a social conservative today, and thus be shunned from the Party, said, “The fundamental basis of this nation’s laws was given to Moses on the Mount. The fundamental basis of our Bill of Rights comes from the teachings we get from Exodus and Saint Matthew, from Isaiah and Saint Paul. I don’t think we emphasize that enough these days. If we don’t have a proper fundamental moral background, we will finally end up with a totalitarian government which does not believe in rights for anybody except the State. And Founder James Madison said, “We have staked the whole future of American civilization, not upon the power of government, far from it. We have staked the future…upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to sustain ourselves, according to the Ten Commandments of God.”

There is a firestorm that is slowly siphoning the life out of this nation. If secularism, the notion that morality is to be governed loosely via what tastes good, what looks good, sounds good, or what feels good, I do not think that its too far a stretch to believe that any belief in the survival of this nation’s prosperity and light for those seeking to be free, without a clear and unrelenting stance on the tried and true moral principles of Judeo-Christendom, shall be extinguished.

It is up to us to choose.